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Let's not forget that the bathroom really is a place of relaxation, an environment where you can let your worries wash away. Not only do we spend our mornings there preparing for the day, but we also come home to it to unwind from the day's stress. Pick from our extensive collection of high quality, superbly designed baths and make the bathroom so relaxing you won't want to leave. 

Create an amazing focal point with a freestanding bath
These trendy bath designs are not attached to a wall and do not need a frame or additional tiling for installation. They are currently the most popular bath selection. 

Freestanding Bath Selections
Our stylish collection of freestanding baths is focused on you and your bathroom, our modern design options are sure to enhance not only the bathing experience but add financial value to the house via the wow factor. 

For more information on these baths or any other enquiries please feel free to contact us

bathroomBASE is a 100% NZ-owned business that has a new face; two in fact. We are Peter Owen and Jackie Harger, the new owners and managers of the Frankton based bathroom supplies store. We have been working for the past 9 years in the housing market, building spec homes and renovating houses for resale.
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